uninstaller is a GUI uninstaller for all setup programs that put an uninstall entry in the registry, e.g. InstallShield or the WISE installer. It's similar in function to "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows, except much simpler.

An actual Add/Remove Programs control panel applet (appwiz.cpl) was added to Wine 1.1.2, and the existing uninstaller was replaced with a stub to launch this control panel in Wine 1.1.3.

The uninstaller does not work with programs installed with an .msi file.


 wine uninstaller

For versions of Wine before 1.1.16 (which includes 1.0.x), you can also use the wrapper in /usr/bin/:


(This wrapper didn't work correctly with out-of-tree builds and so was removed from Wine 1.1.16. Unfortunately, this broke the Uninstall Wine Software menu item in Ubuntu. See bug 17572.)


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