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This page is for Picasa tips that don't quite fit into Picasa's appdb entry. (We might move some of these tips into the appdb howto eventually.)

Windows version under Wine

1. Installation of Wine

With your package manager install :

  • wine
  • xscanimage
  • cabextract

xscanimage is used by Wine as its access layer to all what is seen like a scanner: scanner, webcam etc

some wine package have dependancies to sane-front-end thus installing wine installs xscanimage

cabextract : you need it to extract files from MS cabinet archives

1.1. Creation of a Wine environment dedicated to picasa

in fact it is enough to launch one of the wine controls

for example let us profit in so that wine proceeds to its audio configuration.

let us launch the configurator of wine

env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" winecfg


go to in the “audio” tab and let's wine make its audio configuration


test the audio with the "test" button

1.2. Installation of a module “wininet” which works

wininet is the network layer of Wine

if you can't sign in to web page from Picasa then

wininet of wine does not function

thus it is necessary to install the wininet of Windows

to download winetricks

see here


go to the folder containing winetricks


env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" winetricks wininet

(hint: if you haven't installed winetricks, use: env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" sh winetricks wininet)


to configure the use of wininet by Wine

env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" winecfg


go to the “library” tab


select “wininet....”


button “Modify”


select “integrated,native”

this indicates to Wine to try to use initially the wininet of Wine then that of Windows

2. Installation of Picasa

download Picasa


go to the folder containing the exe picasa

launch its installation

env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" wine picasa38-setup.exe


accept all

except at the end uncheck the launching of picasa


[old deprecated]

go to

/home/<user>/.winepicasa/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Google/Picasa3/

rename picasaupdater.exe to picasaupdater.exe.or

this software is used to seek the updates and consumes 25- 30% of CPU permanently and does not stop when picasa is left

moreover even if one unactivates in the parameters the search for update this one is launched

For what is used really this trick?

[old deprecated]

3. Pb: picasa does not see your videos

you cannot manage them thus export them

see here the "Linux version" chapters according to know how to do (alas that goes only for the .mov)


Linux version

HOWTO “manages your movies”

HOWTO “install QuickTime Alternative”

HOWTO “access to QuickTime alternative settings after the install”

USEFUL tools

of course it is necessary to replace in the procedure :



env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" wine


/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper winecfg


env WINEPREFIX="/home/<user>/.winepicasa" winecfg

4. Report of operation

the new geotaging function by use of maps from Google maps (function “Places”) does not function under Wine

Pb is known, if somebody has a solution

5. Notes about the installation of each application in a dedicated Wine environment

Reason: for each application it is necessary to parameterize Wine and install modules, components software so that this one functions. This can cause misfunction of another application

Linux version

Tips about running the Linux version (with its built-in wine) go here.

1. HOWTO "set picasa 3 built-in wine"

launch the command

/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper winecfg

2. HOWTO "your distribution uses pulse audio and you have no sound" (old, deprecated)

with winecfg (see above) go to "audio" tab then unactivate "alsa driver", choose "OSS driver" as sound driver then "ok"


launch picasa 3 with

padsp /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/picasa

addendum : with picasa 3.0.0 57 4402 there is no more sound pb with pulse audio : the default alsa driver works

  • there is no more pb with later wine versions : wine uses pulseaudio, now you have to do nothing there is no more audio pb

3. HOWTO "install a software under picasa built-in wine"

for example to install a movie player launch the command

/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper "<path to>/QT_Lite_410.exe"


for example

till linux picasa version has the ability to use the linux GE version

to have the ability to geotag you can install Google Earth by launching the command

/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper "<path to>/Google_Earth_CZXV.exe"

4. HOWTO "manage your movies"

you must install under the built-in wine a player which can play your movies thus you can :

  • view
  • upload (if upload fails use the Windows version picasa under the linux wine)

For example for my *.mov files i installed "quicktime alternative"

i did not check for any other movie files format than *.mov

perhaps you must use upper case for movie filename suffix

this is not the case for *.mov file

WARNING Linux picasa 3 beta 572401, 3.0.0 574402

  • don't use synchronizing mechanism (automatical or manual)
  • * this deletes your movies in picasaweb, happily not in your PC !
  • * this deletes metadata (altitude, image direction etc.)

5. HOWTO "install Quicktime Alternative"

  • set built-in wine "windows version" to "windows xp"
  • * launch winecfg (see above)
  • * go to "applications" tab
  • * go to "windows versions" field
  • * choose "Windows xp"
  • * then "ok"
  • launch the exe of Quicktime alternative archive
  • * /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper "<path to>/QT_Lite_410.exe"

  • during steps of the install check :
  • * choose to install the "full" version thus "mplayer classic install" is checked
  • * "configure settings for quicktime" is checked
  • when quicktime window settings is opened
  • * go to "advanced" tab
  • * choose to use GDI

6. HOWTO "access to quicktime alternative settings after the install"

/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper control.exe "<path to>//Program Files//QT Lite//QTSystem//QuickTime.cpl"

7. USEFUL tools

to replace Quicktime, to manage Quicktime formats

it includes Mediaplayer Classic, get the QT Lite 4.1.0 version

select QT alternative 3.2.2 then QT Lite 3.2.2 then QT Lite 4.1.0 (yes very strange way in this site)

to replace Real Player, to manage Real formats

it includes Mediaplayer Classic

to replace Windows Media Player and to manage other formats


to install them refer to "HOWTO install Quicktime Alternative"

to install a more recent "Media Player Classic" than in quicktime alternative (i don't advise this) :


Tips that apply to either version go here.

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