exe-thumbnailer is a small piece of UI code meant to be installed with (or even before) Wine. It provides thumbnails for executable files that show the embedded icons when available, and also gives the user a hint that Wine will be used to open it.

Knowing that Wine is used to run a program, particularly installers, is helpful because it tells the user that the installed application's shortcuts will appear in the Wine submenu. Additionally showing the familiar embedded icon (as would be seen on Windows) can provide further hints about the actual program.

The principle authors of exe-thumbnailer are currently Scott Ritchie and Jan Nekvasil, although the idea was based off scripts originally appearing in Ubuntu Brainstorm.

The license is LGPL 2.1, intentionally the same as Wine.

The code was originally hosted on winezeug, but recent development (including GNOME 3 support) has been done in Ubuntu's Launchpad: lp:ubuntu/gnome-exe-thumbnailer


exe-thumbnailer shows an app's embedded icon (or an appropriate standard one if there isn't one available), as well as its version string.


exe-thumbnailer is currently only tested on Gnome, where it requires a few gconf schema changes done at package install time. This can easily change however -- patches welcome!

exe-thumbnailer requires icoutils (namely wrestool) to function.

Distribution status

Ubuntu: Available in the gnome-exe-thumbnailer package, which comes default with Wine installation on 10.10 systems and 10.04 systems with the Wine PPA enabled. The package is not installed automatically if KDE is installed, as Kubuntu systems have their own similar icon-grabbing program.

Fedora: See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=636819

Arch: There's a package in the AUR called gnome-exe-thumbnailer. Also see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wine#exe-thumbnailer


Future release announcements will be made to the wine-devel mailing list, and this page should be updated too.

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