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Wine Release Plan

Wine 1.2 will come out some time in the next few months. As AJ said at WineConf2009, "it's time". The major release goal is going to be 64-bit support.

For most people, 1.2 having no regressions and working with way more apps than 1.0.1 did will be the actual feature they care about.


Wine now uses a stable/unstable branch model. Even-numbered releases (eg 1.0.x) will be stable, with only minimal changes merged in. Development will continue on the 1.1.x branch until we stabilize it for the 1.2.0 release, after which 1.3 will become the new development branch. When asked whether the 1.1.x branch can be considered "alpha" or "beta", Alexandre responded that it is the "development branch" -- for end user purposes, this means alpha (and thus prone to regressions) until we freeze for 1.2.

Kryteria wydania Wine 1.4

Wine 1.2 zostało juz wydane narazie niema zadnych kryteri do nowej wersji stabilnej narazie musimy przemyslec co co dojedzie do kodu stbailnejwersji wine .

Release based on unfinished 1.2 Release Criteria

When development of 1.2 first started, Alexandre said that any one of several features being complete would prompt a release. After two years 64-bit support turned out to be the winner, however the following are still unfinished:

Presumably, completion of one or more of these major features would be a reason to start a freeze for the 1.4 release, however Alexandre has not said anything official as of yet.

Wine 1.2.1 Release Criteria

On the day of 1.2's release, Alexandre said that there will be a 1.2.1 release "in a couple of months." Fixes that can be cherry-picked from current tip and applied cleanly are the main thing to go in here. Depending on how clean the separation is, future 1.2.x releases may be possible as well.

Kryteraia Wine 1.2

Teraz mamy głowne załozenia Alexandran (wsparcie 64-bitowe i nowy zestaw ikon ),kod bedzie zamrozony 21 maja 2010 i po co wekendowym wydawaiu kandydujacym i patchowaniu przydatnych patchy (tych patchy co som mozliwe we zamknientych zródłach ) .

Nominating bugs: It is important that we keep the Wine 1.2 bug targets reasonable. The primary goal of a stable release is to have:

  • Zadnych regresji za wersji 1.0.1
  • Zadnych regresji za beta wersji
  • No small but embarrassing bugs still open
  • At least one major new app we can support and brag about (although many apps are already working better)

You can add your own bugs to the nomination list by giving them the 1.2 release target, however please be conservative. In particular, we don't want bugs that are a major amount of work, as otherwise the release will not come out in a reasonable amount of time.

Application focus:

  • We should repeat the 1.0 Platinum Regression Hunt

  • We should still support all Wine 1.0.1 targeted applications (see below)
  • Consider supporting newer versions of these same apps
  • Discussion is needed about what the new "big app" to add should be

Documentation and UI:

  • Much of Wine's user interface is done at the packaging level, and we should standardize some best practices for packagers so Wine is consistent across distributions
  • The user and winelib documentation should be given a once over before finalizing the release as well

Wine 1.2 Release Announcement

We will need to work together on a media-friendly piece of text that can be used to describe the significance of the 1.2 release. Part of this will be a Wine feature overview, and part of it will be a list of improvements over Wine 1.0. Edit it on this page.

Wine 1.0.1 Release Criteria

Wine 1.0.1 was released on October 17, 2008. Here is its announcement.

This is only a maintenance release containing translation updates and small bug fixes.

Old Wine 1.0 Release Criteria

Wine 1.0.0 was released on June 17, 2008. Here is its announcement.

The release criteria for wine 1.0 was getting a small set of popular, useful, and freely downloadable applications to run well:

Applications that ran well as of about wine-0.9.50 or later should continue to run well. See also PlatinumRegressionHunt.

Here's the buglist:

As of May 5th, there are 43 bugs on this list.

Bugs targeted for 1.0.0 are very likely be deferred to 1.2.0 if it's clear they cannot be fixed quickly, e.g. if they were created 90 days ago and have not had any progress in 30 days. e.g. Here's a canned search for bugs with target_milestone=1.0.0, with creation date less than e.g. 20080205 and modified date less than e.g. 20080405. (Bugs with really good analysis and/or patches might be kept open even if there hasn't been any motion in 30 days.)

The wine-1.0 release will happen once "few enough" new regression reports are trickling in, and we have fixed "enough" of the known 1.0 bugs. (This is a judgement call to be made by the maintainer with some help from the release manager.)

Press Mentions

OK, this one made me smile:

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