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Wine's Release Planning

Current stable branch is Wine 1.6.

Snapshots from current Development/unstable are released biweekly in Wine 1.7 branch.


Wine uses a stable/unstable branch model. Even-numbered releases (eg 1.6.x) will be stable, with only minimal changes merged in.

Development occurs on the odd branches (eg 1.7.x) until we enter code freeze and produce a series of release candidates. When asked whether the odd branches can be considered "alpha" or "beta", Alexandre responded that it is the "development branch". For end user purposes, this means alpha (and thus prone to regressions) until we freeze for release candidates. If the stable release process takes long enough, it becomes more likely that an unstable version of Wine will be better than the stable one for a new user with a random application. Consequently, some distributions ship unstable versions of Wine as the default Wine version.

Potential release criteria for future releases

When development of current branching model with release 1.2 first started, Alexandre said that any one of several features being complete would prompt a release. The following features nominated in previous release processes, however, are still unfinished:

Wine 1.8 Release Criteria

Announced at FOSDEM 2014:

  • CSMT patches

Stable Wine 1.6.x Release Criteria

To suggest something for a 1.6.x release, nominate a fixed bug with an SHA1 of the fix in git.

Wine 1.6 Release

Wine 1.6 was successfully released. An announcement article containing the improvements of this release could be found on this page.

The release criteria were:

  • (./) Client-side rendering

  • (./) Layered windows

  • (./) Mac driver

  • (./) Mono package

  • (./) Raw input

Old Wine 1.4 Release

Wine 1.4 was successfully released. An announcement article containing the improvements of this release could be found on this page.

Alexandre noted his release criteria for Wine 1.4 in his Keynote at WineConf 2011.

The release criteria were:

  • (./) DIB engine (see bug #421: Fixed in Wine 1.3.29)

  • Right-to-left language support (Hebrew, Arabic, etc. - see bug #609 and others)

  • (./) Xinput2 support (see bug #6971, the mouse problem affecting many FPS-style games) )

  • Audio redesign (see bug #10495)

Other release features were to include:

  • Builtin iexplore, Gecko
  • 64-bit COM
  • Vista file dialogs
  • OLE drag & drop

  • Gstreamer support
  • VBScript
  • D3D multisampling

Features that would be nice to have, but may not make it:

  • Successful 64-bit make test
  • (./) DOSBox integration (on our site, now we wait for the next dosbox release)

  • (./) Translations using po files

  • (./) Udisks support

  • (./) Better crash dialog

Bugs nominated for 1.4

Old Wine 1.2 Release

Wine 1.2 was successfully released. An announcement article containing the improvements of this release could be found on this page.

Alexandre's main criteria for the 1.2 release:

  • 64-bit support
  • new icon set

The code will be frozen on 21st May 2010 followed by weekly release candidates until we stop receiving large amounts of useful patches (namely the kind that are still acceptable within a freeze).

Nominating bugs: It is important that we keep the Wine 1.2 bug targets reasonable. The primary goal of a stable release is to have:

  • No regressions since 1.0.1
  • No regressions since relatively recent Wine betas
  • No small but embarrassing bugs still open
  • At least one major new app we can support and brag about (although many apps are already working better)

You can add your own bugs to the nomination list by giving them the 1.2 release target, however please be conservative. In particular, we don't want bugs that are a major amount of work, as otherwise the release will not come out in a reasonable amount of time.

Application focus:

  • We should repeat the 1.0 Platinum Regression Hunt

  • We should still support all Wine 1.0.1 targeted applications (see below)
  • Consider supporting newer versions of these same apps
  • Discussion is needed about what the new "big app" to add should be

Documentation and UI:

  • Much of Wine's user interface is done at the packaging level, and we should standardize some best practices for packagers so Wine is consistent across distributions
  • The user and winelib documentation should be given a once over before finalizing the release as well

Old Wine 1.0 Release

Wine 1.0.0 was released on June 17, 2008. Here is its announcement.

The release criteria for wine 1.0 was getting a small set of popular, useful, and freely downloadable applications to run well:

Applications that ran well as of about wine-0.9.50 or later should continue to run well. See also PlatinumRegressionHunt.

Here's the buglist:

As of May 5th, there are 43 bugs on this list.

Bugs targeted for 1.0.0 are very likely be deferred to 1.2.0 if it's clear they cannot be fixed quickly, e.g. if they were created 90 days ago and have not had any progress in 30 days. e.g. Here's a canned search for bugs with target_milestone=1.0.0, with creation date less than e.g. 20080205 and modified date less than e.g. 20080405. (Bugs with really good analysis and/or patches might be kept open even if there hasn't been any motion in 30 days.)

The wine-1.0 release will happen once "few enough" new regression reports are trickling in, and we have fixed "enough" of the known 1.0 bugs. (This is a judgement call to be made by the maintainer with some help from the release manager.)

Wine 1.0.1 Release Criteria

Wine 1.0.1 was released on October 17, 2008. Here is its announcement.

This is only a maintenance release containing translation updates and small bug fixes.

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