WineConf 2010


Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of November, 2010

The sessions will go from 9-5 on both Saturday and Sunday. So for non-local people it is recommended to arrive on Friday and plan to leave either on Sunday evening or on Monday. Of course you can also plan some extra time in Paris to visit ;-).

Both days, breakfast pastries will be provided at the conference premises along with lunch; and dinner will be organized on Saturday. Usually there also informal gatherings in some place where people can eat and talk on Friday and Sunday night too.

Talks and Slides

* Alexandre's Keynote

* Introduction round (no slides)

* Shachar Nemesh on RTL weirdness

* Stefan Doesinger on performance in 3d games

* Vincent Povirk about .NET integration into Wine using Mono

* Detlef Riekenberg on better Crash Error Reporting and submission

* Joerg Hoehle on MCI

* André Hentschel on state of ARM and its naming: Slide

* Dan Kegel standing in for a non-present audio developer

* GPG signing


Marcus took pictures.


Ibis Bastille Hotel, Paris, France

You should book your room directly from the hotel, the sooner the better. The price is currently set to 74€/night which is good for the area (let us know on the wineconf mailing list if the price changes).

Extra information:

  • If looking for us, go to the reception desk and ask if they know where the 'WineConf group' is. Whenever possible we will leave instructions there on how to find us.

  • CodeWeavers already booked breakfasts for saturday and sunday so you don't have to.

  • The hotel on Google Maps, the nearest subway station is 'Breguet-Sabin' on line M5 (see the detailed directions below).

  • The hotel includes a free WiFi Internet connection; don't forget to ask for your connection information when you check in. It will then work everywhere in the hotel, including in the conference room.

  • The prices are per room and they all either have a bed for two or twin beds.
  • The hotel is open 24 hours a day. So once you have made a reservation and provided a credit card number you can arrive whenever you want.

Mailing List

Please subscribe to the wineconf mailing list. This is the best way to keep apprised of the latest news about the conference. This is also the best place to discuss the agenda, travel planning, and so on.


If you are coming, please visit our RSVP page and let us know so we have accurate counts for meal planning.


The agenda is usually pretty loosely defined and is often refined throughout the conference but the topics will be largely constrained to those relating to Wine development. If there is a topic you would like to discuss, send an email to the wineconf mailing list. We have also in the past set aside time for ad-hoc working groups; we'll keep scratch pads handy for such conversations.

There is one traditional item you do not want to miss though:

  • Saturday, 9:00 - Keynote presentation by Alexandre

Other proposed topics:

Key Signing Party

At the conference we will hold a key signing party. Participants should email their keys to Shachar Shemesh with the title "key signing WineConf key signing" (just click the link). Please be sure to email your key before Friday, Nov 19th to ensure enough time to get your keys into the keyring and on the handout page.

Travel sponsorship

Once again, we will use Wine Party Funds to defray travel costs for attendees, as much as we can. Write to Jeremy White to apply for a sponsorship. We have a large chunk of funds set aside for this. Please, if money would make you hesitate to come, send me an email.

Getting there

By plane

Paris has three airports:

  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG) which is the main international airport and thus the one you are most likely to arrive at. To get to the hotel:

  • Follow the 'RER - Paris by train' signs (for details, see the Terminal 2 or Terminal 1 photo tour)

  • Buy a ticket to Paris (if you are in a group a pack of 10 is a bit cheaper) and take the RER to the 'Gare du Nord' station
  • Then follow the connection signs and take the M5 subway towards 'Place d'Italie'
  • Get off the subway at the 'Breguet-Sabin' station:
  • The hotel is then a short walk away. First follow the 'bridge' and cross the road:

  • Then take the 'Breguet street', you should see the hotel in the distance:
  • Orly (ORY) which is mostly used for domestic flights but also has some international flights.

  • To get to the hotel, take the Orlyval and then the RER towards Paris until the 'Gare du Nord' station. The directions are then the same as when coming from the Charles de Gaulle airport.
  • Beauvais (BVA) which is used by some discount airline companies and which is much farther and much less well connected to the city that the other two and thus is best avoided unless the price difference really makes it worth it.

By train

High speed train is a nice way to get to Paris for European travelers, and you may even get WiFi Internet access while on the train (though it may cost extra). The train stations are all inside the city so getting to the conference location will be easy using the subway.

Local transportation

The most sensible way to travel in Paris is via the subway, that is the Metro and RER. To plan your trips use the RATP website. The Paris by train website may help you get acquainted with Paris' subway system.

Here are some maps that may come in handy:

Important tip:

  • Always keep your transportation ticket until you are out in the street. You may need your ticket to get out of the subway!

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