WineConf 2009


The 7th annual Wine developers conference was in Netherlands on the weekend of November 7-8, 2009.

Remote Participation

We will not attempt to provide live audio or video streaming, but we will try to record the presentations and make them available for download at a later point. We will have networking available within the conference room and many people will be on IRC.


Some of the presentations that took place:

News articles, blog posts, etc

Information for attendees


November 7-8, 2009

The conference will start at 9:00 Saturday morning. We expect people to gather for informal talks and drinks on Friday night, November 6th.


This time we meet in the country with the highest number of Wine developers per capita :) At Twente University Campus to be precise, near the city of Enschede. The facility is the Conference Hotel Drienerburght. Our ever friendly Google provides this Map.


The cost will be 155 Euros for Saturday night, meals on Saturday and Sunday, and to help defray the conference expense. It will be an additional 65 Euros for Friday night, making it a total of 220 Euros.

Travel sponsorship

Once again, we will use Wine Party Funds to defray travel costs for attendees, as much as we can. Write to Jeremy White to apply for a sponsorship. We have a large chunk of funds set aside for this. Please, if money would make you hesitate to come, send me an email.


At this point, we are managing all reservations. Please email Hans Leidekker to indicate that you will be there. Indicate whether you need both Friday and Saturday night, or only Saturday night. Additionally, if you wish to stay either before or after Friday and Saturday, you will need to contact the facility directly yourself.

Concrete Action Items

If you're coming, you must now:

  • Email Hans to let him know
  • Make your travel reservations
  • Get ready to send your money in (Jeremy is working on this with the SFC)


  • Email Jeremy to ask for travel sponsorship

Mailing List

There is a dedicated mailing list for Wineconf. wineconf Mailman list. Please use this mailing list for discussions of agenda, travel planning, and so on.


There are usually informal gatherings on Friday and Sunday night. We open with a Keynote by Alexandre, usually around 9:00 on Saturday. There will be a dinner gathering on Saturday night. The rest of the agenda is usually created shortly before, or during, the conference.


  • Arrival from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

    Fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). Walk to the trains and buy a ticket to Hengelo central station (one stop before final destination Enschede). At Hengelo central station, take bus line 9 (direction "Enschede Centraal Station") and get out at bus stop "UT/Viaduct". Walk to the hotel from there. This may not be as easy as it sounds, there are few street signs and bus drivers are also known to point people in the exact opposite direction. A map of the campus is available. The bus will stop at the lowest H on the map near building 1. From there you need to walk to building 44. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Hengelo central station.

  • Arrival from Enschede

    Take bus 1 in the direction of 'UT/Langenkampweg' and exit at 'UT/De Zul'. The stop is at the H on the right of the hotel (building 44), see map.

  • Travel to Enschede and back at night! The best way to travel from the campus to Enschede is to grab bus 1 at the stop near building 49. The bus stops at :20 and :50. On the way back you can also take bus 1 but the last one leaves at 23:53 and exit at stop 'De Zul'. At later times you can take bus 19 which is a nightbus. The bus won't stop at the campus but it will stop close to building '1' which is 5 minutes on foot from the hotel. The last bus 19 departs at :10 and :40 from Enschede station and the last bus leaves at 2:10! If you want to leave later grab a taxi either from the square at which the bars are located or from Enschede station.

Two sites where you can get detailed information about the travel (from the airport) to the campus:

  • 9292 Journey planner (You need to enter "Universiteit Twente" as the destination university)

  • Dutch Railways (You can enter Schiphol as the From station and Enschede, Drienerlolaan as the destination)


Participants will be provided with guest accounts on the university wireless network. People staying at the Drienerburgt hotel will probably receive log-in information when they check in. In case you stay somewhere else, you can ask Julius Schwartzenberg to create an account for you. With this account you can either log on without encryption though a webpage using the GUEST essid (which is not broadcasted) or you can use WEP with 802.1x with the WLAN essid. Guides to set this up are here. Click on the English flag in the top right corner and choose "Wireless network" from the list of services to get access to the guides.

Super Market

There is a small Coop super market near the hotel in case you need to buy something during the conference. The supermarket is open till 19:00 on Friday and from 8:00 till 17:00 on Saturday. On Sunday all shops in the Netherlands are closed!

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