WineConf 2008


The 6th annual Wine developers conference will return to Minnesota after three years in Europe on the weekend of September 27-28, 2008. Everyone is welcome. The agenda is usually loosely defined, although there is always a keynote by Alexandre, and a lot of time for technical working groups. The conference focus is on developers, and the topics will be largely constrained to those relating to building Wine.

Travel sponsorship

Given that traveling to the US is going to add a cost for some people in the Wine community, we are planning to provide travel sponsorship to proven Wine contributors. Write to Jeremy White to apply for a sponsorship. We have a substantial block of funds set aside for this, and I hope to raise even more. So, please, if money would make you hesitate to come, send me an email.


September 27 - 28, 2008

People gathered in the bar/lounge area on Friday night, September 26th.

Complimentary breakfast will be served starting at 8:00 am at the hotel. I expect we will start at 9:00 on Saturday. (Folks from the US can just suffer; for Europeans that will feel like mid day).


We've booked a great hotel, with a meeting facility and a nice bar / lounge area, that we hope will work out well. The hotel is also quite close to the Airport, the Mall of America, the light rail line, and a nice National Park. Hopefully it will prove to be pleasant and fruitful, even though I know it cannot compare to Zurich for beauty and fun.

The hotel is the brand new Cambria Suites, located at 2870 Metro Drive, Bloomington, MN 55425


Google Map

To reserve a room, contact the Hotel and request a room for Wineconf 2008. The rate we have been promised is $99/night. Their phone number is +1 952-854-0300. Make sure you tell them it's for Wineconf; they have a block of rooms set aside for that date at our rate.

Other Lodging

$99/night is a fairly good rate for this area, although you can find places for less. The rooms themselves are very nice (each one is a suite), so you really can't beat the value.

There are a few hostels, such as the Minneapolis Hostel. Unfortunately, it would be a fairly long commute from the hostel to the hotel, so it may not be the best choice.

Special Thanks

It turns out that James Ramey of CodeWeavers takes joy in event planning, and he did all of the legwork to set this up. Thank you, James!

Easy Steps

  1. Subscribe to the Wineconf mailing list

  2. Book a flight to airport MSP
    • It is an international airport, so it shouldn't be too bad to get a flight.
  3. Email Jeremy if sticker shock is a problem.

  4. Book a hotel room, +1 952-854-0300, tell them it's for Wineconf 2008.
  5. Fly in, get the Cambria Suites free shuttle to the hotel
  6. Meet in the bar/lounge area of the hotel, look for obvious Wine geeks.


The conference will include breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. CodeWeavers traditionally buys dinner on Saturday night, as well, and we are booked for 6:30 at the Twin Cities Grill at the Mall of America. The hotel shuttle goes to the Mall, or you can make the relatively short walk, and it has a wide range of options.


Generally, we plan on a schedule of presentations for the entire group, followed by long breaks. We have also in the past set aside time for ad-hoc working groups; we'll keep scratch pads handy for such conversations. We often refine the agenda throughout the conference.

Proposed agenda items currently are as follows.

  1. Keynote presentation by Alexandre
  2. WineHQ server hardware (perhaps a working group instead)
    • We've now gotten enough value out of our current WineHQ server to satisfy my cheap skate soul. So we're thinking about replacing it. The question is - what should be put in place?
  3. Wine Party Fund Governance
    • We have a proposed strategy for controlling the Wine Party Fund, we can review and discuss it at this time.
  4. Raising money and independent developers (Summer of code, non-codeweavers people, etc.)
    • There are many ways we could be building community and also raising money (eg T-shirt sales). Some of this could be spent on things other than wineconf sponsorships; we should discuss how to handle both these tasks elegantly.


In 2007, Jeremy White challenged the participants of WineConf to go and make "make test" work for everybody present. This turned out to be harder than expected, but the test suite improved quite a bit on that day. The remaining issues are harder to fix, so continuing work on "make test" does not seem to be a good hackathon target.

A new target would be to get winetest.exe work on all available Windows platforms. To make this worthwhile, we need as many Windows versions/hosts as possible. Here seems to be a good place to collect who can bring what Windows VMs.

  • Kai Blin - WinXP SP2, Win2k3, Win2k3 SP2, Vista, Win2k8
  • Paul Vriens - Win95, Win98, NT4 and Win2k (not fast, but they work)
  • James Hawkins - Win95, Win98 SE, NT4, Win2k, WinXP, Win2k3, Win2k8
  • Detlef Riekenberg - Win98SE, Win2k (Multi-Boot)
  • Francois Gouget - Win98


Alexandre's keynote:


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Group Photo

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