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WineHQ Design Tasks

This page contains ideas for fixes and improvements to the design of WineHQ. This includes all of the sub-sites such as Bugzilla and the wiki. For a list of actual content improvements, see WebContentTasks.

Across All Sites

  • Ensure compliance to the latest (x)html spec.
  • Replace horizontal lines (<p><img src="./images/grey_pixel.gif" width="100%" height=1 border=0 alt="-"></p>) and spaces at end of page (<p> <p>) with modern and CSS based things.

  • Single sign-on. This has been proposed in one form or another several times.
    • One approach is to move AppDB onto OpenID (Moinmoin, Bugzilla, and phpBB all have at least rudimentary support).

WineHQ Itself

  • The About page needs a picture of some sort, right justified.

Test and Status Pages

If the current percentage complete estimates are replaced with simple, objective measures, status reports could be probably be automated (similar to or

  • Use build tests from a standardized machine to measure gaps in the code and build errors?
  • Use conformance test data to estimate runtime errors?
  • Highlight the DLLs with the most failed/missing tests as problem DLLs?
  • Mine Bugzilla for open bugs as a rough indicator of logic errors?
  • Use a scripted version of "git shortlog" by DLL to report current workers? (Could be really useful for people starting to work on a specific feature)

AppDB Improvements

UI and Appearance

  • AJAX-ify the AppDB to improve performance and give a smoother experience.
    • A more dynamic UI might be nice (collapsible navigation bars for instance).
  • Allow for displaying program icons next to programs in lists and search results.
  • A customizable stats box on the main page that displays various database facts.
  • Create a script to refresh the image montage on the front page.
  • Make the rejection system friendlier (store reviewers' comments on what needs improvement, use a different term than 'rejected'.

Update Questionnaire?

  • Was test done install done on a clean wine prefix (yes/no) Gold rating max if no.
  • Does the app require a crack to run? Silver rating max if yes
  • Do you need to enable non-default registry settings to make the app run better? Gold rating max if yes
  • Does the app require additional dlls? Gold rating max if yes
  • Does all the functionality of the program work? Silver rating max if no
  • Does the application start? Bronze at minimum if yes
  • How did you install Wine? (distro package / winehq package / source / git)

Less important

  • Did application work without Virtual Desktop mode (yes/no)
  • Did application work in Virtual Desktop mode (yes/no)
  • Did you use a third party application eg:winetricks (if give warning that only bugs can only be reported if not using etc..)

Backend Stuff

  • Migrate over to a CMS (such as Drupal) or web-framework?
  • Allow for more cross-referencing.
    • Hopefully, this prevents duplication of effort and help users find info that may only be recorded for other applications.
  • Support accessing application entries with short URLs.
  • Add a page for browsing regressions.
  • Replace application url field with a list of label/url pairs.
  • Add some more queue states (such as 'pending' and 'deleted').

Admin & Email Features

  • Create a user information page for admins
  • Allow for more flexible administration and management of pages?
  • Make improvements to the email notification system
    • Create a mail-list for all public email notifications?
    • Validate email addresses before accepting them (possibly require confirmation too?)
    • Ability to email users selectively (e.g. based on keyword or subscription to new application submissions)


  • Open up more to allow for more thorough triage?
  • Some improvements to the interface?

Wine Wiki

  • Sync with the latest version of the theme code at

  • Upgrade MoinMoin to the latest stable version (1.9), which also requires the following:

    • Move to Python 2.7 (the diff in the updatepy branch at the bitbucket repo should allow doing this with Moin 1.5)

    • Move the Apache server from mod_py to wsgi
    • If you have any suggestions or questions, try getting in touch with DimiPaun or KyleAuble

  • Improve our approach to fighting spam (they seem to be getting smarter and occasionally wreck entire pages)
  • Create a regular content archive and post it to the WineHQ FTP site

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