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WineHQ Content Tasks

This page contains a list of suggested content updates for the various parts of WineHQ, including this wiki. For a list of design ideas and improvements, see WebDesignTasks.

Useful Tools for Editing the Wiki

If you are new to working with a wiki, or a MoinMoin wiki in particular, you may want to browse through WineWikiTips and the HelpContents.

The following system pages are great for seeing where the wiki could use some maintenance:

  • WantedPages - These pages are linked to but do not exist

  • AbandonedPages - These pages haven't been touched for a while and may be good candidates for deletion or condensing into a couple lines somewhere else.

  • OrphanedPages - Pages which are not linked to from other entries on the wiki. If it is useful information we should link to it from related pages.

  • PageHits - Pages at the top of this list should be well cared for and up to date to prevent misleading the masses.

  • RecentChanges - Find out what's going on in the Wiki

Wiki To-Do

{i} In an attempt to take the WineWiki to the next level, we've created the WikiParty page to help organize a spontaneous wave of editing. That's right, a party! And everyone registered on the wiki is invited.

  • Clean out unnecessary redirects (searching for "#redirect" in the full-text bar on FindPage will show you all redirection pages).

    • While we aren't following Wikipedia's "redirect pages = sweet goodness" policy, it's probably good to keep ones that WineHQ links to pretty stable.
    • Of course, if you want to clean up WineHQ's links and your patches are accepted, feel free to be more daring.
    • If eliminating redirections for translations (e.g. ホームページ --> Japanese), it's probably best to use the title in the native language (ホームページ).

  • Create a TestSuiteStatus page.

  • Many of the pages on ListofCommands do not exist yet.

  • Fix up the SummerOfCode page

    • Add a few more details about how to apply
    • Add more tips on how to have a successful project
    • Triage suggested projects by feasibility/difficulty
  • Update the packaged system pages and uninstall some that we never use (probably will be done in parallel with upgrading Moinmoin)

  • Email users with very abandoned homepages (maybe 5+ years without edits) and ask if they want to keep their pages?
    • I was very conservative with homepages and only deleted very old ones for users with no other record of interacting with the project. I figure people like to leave things for posterity, and if they've been part of the community even a little, what's a few more kB in CategoryHomepage? --KyleAuble

Various WineHQ Changes

  • Replace duplicated or abandoned static pages with redirects to the wiki (or simply delete from the WineHQ code if appropriate).
  • Add some static text to the Developer page and consolidate the links (it's currently a bit overwhelming).
  • Add a short text explanation of our test results at

WineHQ Download Page

  • Audit links for different distros.
  • Add more details about the packaging process for each entry?
  • Add some sort of link or resource for Mac users.

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