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My Info

Name: Vincent Béron

Email: <vberon -at-  mecano -dot- gme -dot- usherb -dot- ca>

Primary obsession: Wine Red Hat binary packages, janitorial tasks

I don't have as much time as I'd like to pass on Wine, so my projects are rather small and contained.

Current projects:

  • Maintain the Wine Red Hat binary packages for RH7.3, RH8, RH9, FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, WBEL3, CentOS4
  • Maintain winapi_check so it's output is useful
  • Find and correct missing declarations in our headers
  • Correct wrong Unicode cross-calls (see CrossCallsWtoA)
  • Probably other stuff I'm forgetting

Projects which have never ended:

Projects I'd like to start:

  • Winelib graphical resource editor
  • Fix epoll usage (use proper configure checks), as it's sometimes present but useless


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