Wine To-Do List

This page is a top-level collection of things to do in Wine itself.

Various Projects

  • Fix unimplemented functions in Wine (see the bug list).

  • IntegrationProjects: for cool ideas on how to improve Wine's integration with Desktop Linux

  • JanitorialProjects: various cleanups, fixes, etc. that apply to the entire tree

  • DLLTodoList: place-holder for DLL maintainers to list all DLLs having TODO lists

  • DirectX-ToDo: items and links for remaining tasks in Wine's DirectX implementation

  • CygwinSupport: get Cygwin apps working on Wine

  • WineOnWindows: ... or try to get Windows apps to run on Wine on Cygwin on Windows (it's so post-modern!)

  • Winelib: get various open source Win32 apps to work with Winelib

Conformance Tests

The results from our conformance tests are posted on These tests need fixing so that they don't fail on Windows. See ConformanceTests for more information.

If you would like to run the tests on your Windows box, you can download a prebuilt 32-bit Windows .exe from (or a 64-bit Windows .exe from


  • Refactor winecfg's application tab to make it more intuitive (see Bug 6233 and Bug 12441).

    • It's not very clear, especially to new users, that all tabs apply to the selected application.
  • Currently, icons aren't created for a few applications users may find useful (such as winecfg, Wine's uninstaller, and a link to explore the Wine virtual drive).

    • This is primarily a package-level issue (e.g. Ubuntu packages include some .desktop files for this).
  • Handling initial install & upgrades

  • Code a tool to check wine configuration (e.g. ptrace bug, cdrom device access, opengl direct rendering,...)
    • Many users have problems with OpenGL not being fully configured (often because of nvidia drivers). Wine currently outputs a console command in this case, but something graphical might be nice.
    • Make a D3D demo to include in the Wine source - spinning Wine glass and Tux logo?

National Language Support

  • We currently lack a way to model hierarchical resources like those required by calendar information (each locale has a variable number of calendars, with different attributes). This is a show stopper for completing the NLS Api (Get/EnumCalendarInfo etc).

  • Make sure ASCII functions call the Unicode one and not the other way around.
  • Add localization to more languages.(will probably never be completely finished)
  • Add localization to more parts of Wine.(will probably never be completely finished)
  • Better support of Chinese, Korean, Japanese...(currently in works)
  • Better support of BiDi - Arabic, Hebrew...


  • Updates, updates, and more updates
  • Add i18n section to Wine Developer's Guide.
  • Improve the end-user documentation, which is currently scattered across a few locations:

FreeBSD Support

  • Add support for MZ_SUPPORTED


  • Remove/rewrite wineisms from code
  • Visual C++'s native COM support

Built-in Programs

  • Regedit:

    • Import registry files generated by Windows 2000 regedit.
  • Winhelp:

    • Fix invocation thru WinHelp

    • Lots of macros are still missing

File Management

  • Allow flexibility in FS "mounting" (for example, SMB shares)


  • Write a printer configuration applet
  • Implement the "Printers" Folder (shell32)
  • Implement the Printer configuration Dialogs (shell32)
  • It would be nice if we could actually support Windows printer drivers (low-priority)


  • Winemaker fixes
  • Run C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
  • wineconsole: add configuration bar + resizing capabilities
  • winecfg: a printing tab that allows for redirecting a port to a Unix file or application
  • A GUI for the wine ConformanceTests

Testing Windows Versions of Dev Software

  • Compiling and running virtual machines on Wine
    • !OpenJDK
    • Perl
    • Python
  • Building with toolkits on Wine
    • QT
    • Gtk+
    • FOX
  • Windows compilers on Wine


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