Sugared Wine


  • Sugar is not an ideal Window Manager for Wine. While Wine runs on an XO, any application that creates a variety of windows becomes awkward and hard to use. It's also hard to install and run Windows applications into that environment. You almost have to package each Windows application up as its own activity. The concept behind this project is to implement the tools needed in Wine to make the desktop mode a useful mode for Sugar, and to build the packaging needed to make it a nice Sugar activity.

Getting SugaredWine

The current release is at Older releases are at Source history is at

Known bugs

  1. The package contains patches that aren't good enough yet to be in the Wine tree:;f=patches;hb=HEAD

  2. There's no localization.
  3. The package needs to be tested for compatibility with different versions of Sugar and serious regressions from the main Wine tree.
  4. The following virtual desktop bugs are more visible in Sugared Wine
    1. bug 13393 - closing one virtual desktop closes other(s)

    2. Moving a window over the desktop sometimes causes the desktop to be drawn over parts of that window.
    3. bug 9320 - Wine Virtual Desktop lacks proper focus handling (work-around in place)

    4. bug 15469 - windows in a virtual desktop only get keyboard focus when the mouse is on them (work-around in place)

  5. Wine gives essentially no feedback when something goes wrong. That all goes into the console where no one sees it. It should be able to show a dialog on:
    1. Run from Journal failures.
    2. Missing libraries.
    3. Crashes.
  6. Wine needs to be made more attractive on the OLPC display.
    1. We should be able to default to using the dpi reported by X.
    2. The default cursors in Wine look very small. Ideally, we should get cursors from X by default.
    3. Controls and icons are also very small by default. This might be fixable with a theme.
    4. Firefox checkboxes look particularly strange because it's partially scaling them based on the reported dpi (150).
  7. Better journal integration would be nice.
    1. Shortcuts created (and possibly invoked) in Wine should create journal entries.
    2. The "Recent Documents" feature of Windows may make it possible to export files saved with Windows programs to the journal.
    3. It'd be nice to advertise Wine to the journal as being able to open files that installed programs can handle. This would be very difficult; we have a similar problem with freedesktop on Linux.
  8. bug 15809 - Wine wakes the cpu when it's idle, and this probably means it eats batteries faster.

  9. bug 13891 - the run dialog does nothing when given a url

  10. The "Install..." button in Add/Remove Programs should actually do something.
  11. bug 16350 - The cursors in firefox refuse to stop blinking.

  12. Firefox covers the taskbar when it is maximized for some unknown reason.

Wanted Features

  1. A desktop background with icons, like the one explorer provides on Windows.
  2. Journal access through 7zip file manager. This requires a shell namespace extension.
  3. A way to access winetricks. This would provide easy access to some applications and Windows components.
  4. A control panel applet to customize appearance, including wallpaper.
  5. Better prefix management. Specifically, the ability to specify the location of prefixes (including storing them to an external drive) and delete a prefix's data.
  6. Add replacements for mspaint, wordpad, and calculator to the Start Menu.

Conceptual Screenshot

The following is a shamelessly photoshopped image put together to express the basic concept we're striving for.


Actual Screenshots

Here's what the Wine.xo activity looks like running on an OLCP XO-1 laptop with and without Sugar's nav frame showing. It's amazing to see a "Windows" desktop running inside of an activity. Superb!

Screenshot of Sugared Wine with Sugar's nav frame displayed

Screenshot of Sugared Wine

This looks remarkably like a real Windows desktop and may prove useful to teach children how to use computers that are controlled by Redmond.:


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