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[DIFF] 23:51 Info AndreHentschel Wine won't compile with suncc
[DIFF] 16:17 Info RosanneDiMesio Adding warning that DCOM98 will not work with current Wine.
[DIFF] 16:13 Info RosanneDiMesio Removing dead link.
[DIFF] 15:40 Info RosanneDiMesio [1-2] #01 Removing comment that applying to be a maintainer is just a formality and adding statement that maintainers must already own a copy of the app.
#02 Removing outdated note to Ubunut/Debian users.
[DIFF] 13:28 Info MarcusMeissner added idea resource editor
[DIFF] 14:23 Info neagix add hint about debootstrap and mount options for /var/cache/lxc
[DIFF] 16:30 Info Igor Berdiy [1-2]
[DELETED] 15:13 Info StefanLeichter [1]
117 [2]
#01 spam
[DIFF] 22:02 Info AndreHentschel update
[DELETED] 20:47 Info StefanLeichter [1]
111 [2]
#01 spam
[DIFF] 12:24 Info RosanneDiMesio [1-15] #01 Alphabetize list
#09 Revert to revision 751.
[DIFF] 05:01 Info RosanneDiMesio [1-15]
[DIFF] 00:34 Info RosanneDiMesio


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