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Platinum Regression Hunt

Wine is nearing its 1.2 release, and we need your help to make sure it's a good one!

Wine has been under heavy development in recent months, and some applications that used to work well no longer do. But we don't know which ones! Please help us find them, so we can fix them. Here's how:

1. First, make sure your machine runs glxgears properly

To run glxgears, open a terminal window and type 'glxgears'. If it crashes, you may need to update your graphics drivers. (This is mostly important when testing games, but it's also needed for some non-3D apps, e.g. Picasa).

2. Install the latest wine 1.2 release candidate

Make sure wine's notepad starts up ok, and make sure "wine --version" says "Wine-1.2-rc6" (or whatever the version you thought you installed was).

3. Pick an application to test

If you have a favorite app or two that you've used in Wine in the past, feel free to test those, and/or visit the Wine application database and pick out one application that is rated Platinum (i.e. supposedly works perfectly under Wine) but does not yet have any test reports with any Wine 1.2 release candidate.

4. Install and test the application.

Important: delete your .wine directory to make sure you are starting from scratch! (Don't do this if you have important data there, of course.) Wine will create a new .wine directory for you.

Since you're only testing apps that were rated as platinum, the application should work perfectly, and should not require the use of the command line at all. So don't apply any native overrides or use any tricks at all. (As an exception, you may use winetricks, e.g. to install vcrun6 or mfc40, but only if you absolutely have to. Don't use any other way of installing DLLs.)

5. Tell us what you learned

File a test report describing how well it worked in the app's AppDB page. If it doesn't work perfectly from start to finish with no fiddling and no overrides, rate it no higher than gold. (See the appdb rating guidelines.) (If you had to use winetricks, note exactly what you did in the test report, and why; and rate the app no higher than gold.)

If the app doesn't work perfectly, but the appdb says it did in an earlier version of Wine, please double-check and install that earlier version. Download the earlier version from WineHQ, delete your .wine directory again, and try installing and running it one more time. The AppDB doesn't allow filing test reports with very old versions, but you can at least post a comment there with your results.

Or, if you're comfortable with Bugzilla, feel free to enter a bug report at .

6. Report regressions to wine-users forum

If it actually worked great for you in an earlier version of wine, but doesn't in current wine, you've found a regression! In that case, please post a message whose subject starts with Regression From Platinum: in the wine forum (or the wine-users mailing list). We will review the report, and if appropriate, file a bug and/or try to fix it.

So fire up your keyboards and start testing! Thanks, and good hunting!

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