Measuring Audio Latency

A few links about measuring audio latency on Windows, Linux, and Wine.

Audio Latency Measurement Howtos and Results Pages

Automated Audio Latency Test Tools

Listed by platform and API. (I can't find a generic tool that supports multiple platforms and APIs. Know of one? Please write dank at

Scheduling Latency Test Tools

These just measure operating system scheduling latency, and aren't audio specific.

Midi latency test tools

These aren't about audio latency per se, but about midi message processing latency.

Notes says "If a gamer wants lowest possible latency, and does not need any other app to play sound (like voice chats like "Teamspeak"), then they should use pasuspender. This makes PulseAudio release the hardware interface, so a game can use it exclusively, and without dmix or PulseAudio in between." So any latency measurements should be repeated both with and without pasuspender. seems to describe using Pulseaudio on gentoo with Jack applications, and says "I was able to get PulseAudio to be 100% stable only with a 42.7 msec JACK latency." is a gadget that lets you measure game-controller-to-video latency. Not at all related to audio, but still interesting.

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