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PowerPC Mac

  • We 2002 ludzie ze OpenDarwin stworzyli projekt Darwine żeby zintegrować procesor emulatora QEMU ze kompatybilna wersją wine dla Mac OS żeby uruchamiac pliki win32 .exe na PowerPC. Grupa ze sukcesem przeportowała wine do Mach-0. Integration of the x86 emulator

Intel Mac

Kiedy Apple ogłosił że nowy Mac OS X bedzie na platformie x86 platform, Grupa Darwine wraz ze AlexandreJulliard i KenThomases ze CodeWeavers, Zaczeli prace nad wersja x86 version. Od tamtego czasu dużo się zmieniło Darwine jest bardziej bliskie drzewa wine.

This is likely to make Wine more popular due to the large number of Mac users who need to interoperate with Windows at work, or want to play Windows Games at home and school. Some people believe Apple might want to lend Wine (and Darwine) some support, since Wine for Mac OS X would benefit them -- switch to Mac and keep running your Windows apps. However, they have so far refrained from doing so, either to avoid offending Microsoft or for other reasons.

In any case, expansion of the potential user base is good news for Wine.

Obecny Status (x86)

Brief: Proste aplikacje powinny działać.

Notes: Make sure to disable gcc optimizations when building since gcc has a stack realignment bug (this seems to have been fixed in Xcode 2.4). Also, Apple's X11 has serious bugs in rootless mode, so x.org's X11 may be necessary.


  • Core Audio Driver: works
  • 16 Byte Stack Alignment: work in progress
  • Mach Kernel Workarounds and Exception Handling: needs a lot of work
  • Debugger: does not work


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