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Wine known issues

Top level page for the most duplicated bugs in Bugzilla, and the most frequently reported bugs on wine-devel, wine-users, the user forum, IRC, and the AppDB.

Bug 3260

- StarForce 3.x: games crash or fail to start due to missing kernel driver infrastructure [metabug]

Bug 18070

- Multiple apps need separate msi custom action server process due to COM/MTA and/or isolation issues

Bug 657

- Many games and applications need 'mfc42.dll'

Bug 8854

- Unable to get keyboard / mouse input in multiple games

Bug 3952

- GameGuard does not work in several applications

Not bugs in Wine (but may still cause problems)

Bug 7991

- Rendering is garbled when a program need to use the maximun number of shader constants of a graphic card

Bug 30557

- winegstreamer broken with >=glib-2.32.0

Bug 31882

- Many multithreaded gui apps randomly deadlock in winex11 driver surface section

Bug 10841

- Restore display resolution when focus is lost or on exit

Previous issues that have been fixed

In Wine 1.7.*

Bug 24611

- Install Shield fails on 64bit multilib wine if WINEPREFIX was created by 64bit wine

Bug 6955

- Multiple games need software vertex blending implementation

In Wine 1.3.*

Bug 219

- Programs refuse to run because of SafeDisc copy-protection

Bug 6971

- Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program. (See wiki page for patches.)

Bug 7640

- Mouse too slow / lags in games

Bug 9787

- Warcraft3 Doesn't work (Needs AcceptEx)

Bug 16281

- Wine lacks support for fully animated cursors

In Wine 1.2.*

Bug 10142

- Switching workspaces/desktops can make some application windows disappear - fixed in wine-1.2-rc4

Bug 13891

- start.exe http://someurl/ does not work (affects any app that invokes external browser, e.g. Google Sketchup) - fixed in wine-1.2-rc5

Bug 15069

- Apps won't minimize and extra caption bar shows - fixed in wine-1.2-rc3

In Wine 1.1.*

Bug 4464

- d3dx9_*.dll are unimplemented - fixed in wine-1.1.14 (d3dx9_38/39/40.dll), in wine-1.1.19 (d3dx9_41.dll) and in wine-1.1.30 (d3dx9_42.dll)

Bug 4561

- winecfg crash with ATI fglrx kernel driver on firegl based graphics cards. (Workaround here.) - fixed in wine-1.1.40

Bug 10708

- Animated cursors do not work in games - fixed in wine-1.1.10

Bug 16732

- Wineserver crashes on break points - fixed in wine-1.1.13

Bug 20160

- iexplore: automatic gecko installer crashes (workaround: winetricks gecko) - fixed in wine-1.1.33

In Wine 0.9.*

Bug 922

- Baldur's Gate II Setup.exe and others fail:Error Number: 0x80040706 - Not a Wine bug

Bug 1631

- DSOUND_MixOne problem with underrun detection - fixed in wine-0.9.42

Bug 1410

- Mouse always recentered - fixed in wine-0.9.28

Bug 1798

- Keyboard focus to terminal, not the program - fixed in wine-0.9.58

Bug 2398

- OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn - fixed in wine-0.9.57

Bug 3615

- wined3d doesn't work with multithreaded d3d - fixed in wine-0.9.42

Bug 3997

- New modal dialogs are behind main window - fixed in wine-0.9.46

Bug 4093

- deadlock in alsa driver: CriticalSection WINEALSA_mmap_crst - fixed in wine-0.9.31

Bug 5826

- Wine crashes immediately in GLIBC - - NPTL is missing from kernel / GlibC: Not a Wine bug

Bug 6547

- Wine versions newer than 0.9.22 hang: regression due to XInitThreads() - fixed in wine-0.9.35

Bug 6591

- Failed to load MSVCR80.dll - fixed in wine-0.9.42

Bug 6622

- Wine segfaults on Linux kernel 2.6.18 and noexec enabled - fixed in wine-0.9.26

Bug 7081

- Many applications require IE registry keys to install - fixed in wine-0.9.49

Bug 7959

- X Error BadPixmap in X_FreePixmap from xrender.c XFreePixmap - fixed in wine-0.9.41

Bug 8572

- EVE Online fails to load/display the news at the character selection screen / Steam doesn't start - fixed in wine-0.9.39

Bug 8785

- Fullscreen games still have window decoration - fixed in wine-0.9.57

Bug 9249

- Win16 apps no longer work - fixed in wine-0.9.44

Bug 10674

- Wine Unhandled Page Fault with i965 video driver - Please upgrade drivers

Bug 12343

- Shift/Ctrl/Alt keys no longer work as expected - fixed in wine-0.9.60

Bug 12364

- Tray icons broken for all apps - fixed in wine-0.9.60

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