Kai Blin

Email: <kai DOT blin AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

About myself

I joined the Wine project through the Google SummerOfCode 2005, and have been working on projects related to the Secure Service Provider Interface (SSPI) since. As of 2007, I am also part of the Samba Team.

Current projects

Currently my focus is shifting to SambaIntegration, see the wiki page for details on this.

I am still working on SSPI. I want to tackle Negotiate and Kerberos using GSSAPI next.

On a completely different tangent, I am currently trying to figure out the DirectPlay protocol. Also see the page on the DirectPlayProtocol. I have created a source repository on Google Code, called contorted that contains documentation about the prorocol, a Wireshark dissector and some test code. This is currently running on a very low priority.

Old projects

For the Google SummerOfCode 2005 I was working on getting SingleSignOn to work using GENSEC. I also did my semester work on this topic, you can find my talk online, as well as the paper.

In 2006, I was accepted into SummerOfCode again, and continued my work on secur32.dll. See NtlmSigningAndSealing for details.

I would like to thank Google for their effort in setting up and financing these projects. Cool work, guys.


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