Infinity Engine games are video games based on BioWare's Infinity Engine. Games officially released by BioWare include:

Playing IE Games in Wine

The process for getting all these games running in Wine is very similar, though use the BaldursGate2ThroneOfBhaal instructions for that game.

Required Programs

  • FuseISO
  • Fuse Utils
  • A CD Ripper (for creating .iso CD images)

Game Specific Instructions


  1. Make CD images of every CD you're going to use and save them somewhere in your home.
  2. Backup your current ~/.wine directory. Save it as ~/.wine.bak or something similar.
  3. Mount or insert the first CD, and run (from a terminal)
    • wine "(CD Mount Location)/Setup.exe".

  4. When the installer starts running, select the minimal install option. Wine has trouble changing CDs during the install, thus this tutorial.
  5. Move your new wine directory to another directory, like ~/.wine-ieGames so you can keep your IE Games installs separate from your normal wine directory; move your backed up ~/.wine-bak directory back to ~/.wine. Saving each program in its own wine directory isn't actually a bad idea to do for every program to just keep things cleaner.

Running the Games

Initial Config

  1. Go into your .wine directory and open the game's "baldur.ini" or "icewind.ini" (or whatever ini file appears named after the game).
  2. In the Alias section of the config file, edit it so that each CD after the first is located in the Z drive. You'll also want to make sure each CD ends in "CD#/", according to the number of the CD. For example, when setting up Baldur's Gate 2, my config file looks like:

CD2:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD2\;Z:\tmp\bg2-2\CD2

Configuration Required Each Time

  1. Using FuseISO, mount each cd image where you marked it in the config file. You'll want to do this for all the CDs. For example:
    • fuseiso -p "(pathToCdImage)1.iso" /tmp/bg2-1/

  2. Run the game and set the WINEPREFIX variable to whatever your wine directory is called before running:
    • WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-ieGames wine ~/.wine-ieGames/(pathToGame).exe

  3. When you're finished, unmount the CDs using fusermount:
    • fusermount -u /tmp/bg2-1/

It's probably easiest to save the mounting and unmounting commands to a script:

fuseiso -p "(pathToCdImage)1.iso" /tmp/bg2-1/
fuseiso -p "(pathToCdImage)2.iso" /tmp/bg2-2/
fuseiso -p "(pathToCdImage)3.iso" /tmp/bg2-3/
fuseiso -p "(pathToCdImage)4.iso" /tmp/bg2-4/
WINEPREFIX="~/.wine-ieGames" wine "~/.wine-ieGames/(pathToGame).exe"
fusermount -u /tmp/bg2-1/
fusermount -u /tmp/bg2-2/
fusermount -u /tmp/bg2-3/
fusermount -u /tmp/bg2-4/


Use this silly script to set up BG2 to install properly (using FuseISO and FUnionFS):

1. Rename the files per the names of your CD images.

2. When configuring wine, make "/tmp/myie" a CD-ROM device.

3. Make sure you select a "Full" BG2 install.

mkdir /tmp/ie /tmp/myie


fuseiso -p "Baldurs Game 2 - 1.iso" /tmp/ie/1
fuseiso -p "Baldurs Game 2 - 2.iso" /tmp/ie/2
fuseiso -p "Baldurs Game 2 - 3.iso" /tmp/ie/3
fuseiso -p "Baldurs Game 2 - 4.iso" /tmp/ie/4
fuseiso -p "Baldurs Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal.iso" /tmp/ie/5
funionfs none /tmp/myie -o dirs=/tmp/ie/1:/tmp/ie/2:/tmp/ie/3:/tmp/ie/4:/tmp/ie/5
fusermount -u /tmp/ie/5

wine /tmp/myie/Setup.exe

fuseiso -p "Baldurs Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal.iso" /tmp/ie/5

wine /tmp/myie/Setup.exe

Now that BG2 is installed (you may consider installing patch 26498 now), you need to do 3 final steps before BG2 can run correctly:

1. Symlink "CHITIN.KEY" to "chitin.key":

ln -s CHITIN.KEY chitin.key

2. In your "baldur.ini" file, change the line:

CD1:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD1


CD1:=C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\data

3. Finally, run BGConfig.exe by running:

wine BGConfig.exe

Go to [Graphics] -> [Display], and in the "Window Mode" section, select "Window" instead of "Full Screen".

Now, enjoy:

wine BGMain.exe


If Fuse Utils aren't available on your system or you don't want to install them, an alternative to the above solutions is available.

1. Create a temporary location for the data:

mkdir ~/BG2_ALL

2. Mount either the ISOs or the retail CDs in order normally, like you would any other CD.

3. Manually copy the data from the CDs into the temporary location:

cp /Volumes/BG2_CD(1|2|3|4)/* ~/BG2_ALL/

4. In winecfg, create a new drive mapping in the drives tab, mapping the location of the temporary directory to the root of the new drive. Mine looked like:

D:\     /Users/username/BG2_ALL

5. Run setup from this drive:

wine D:\Setup.exe

And it will complete within a minute or two, and not even ask for you to change the CDs since it will magically find them on its own.

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