gdiplus.dll is a graphical library introduced in ~2001 by Microsoft to make two-dimensional drawing easier. It runs on top of gdi32, and besides the changes in the programming model it also adds new features such as gradient fills, anti-aliasing, more extensive image handling, etc.

Wine implements the flat C API, which is the interface exported by gdiplus.dll. Most programmers use an object-oriented interface such as the C++ interface or the System.Drawing namespace in .NET.

Microsoft's GDI+ uses mostly gdi32 blt operations to copy its rendering results onto the destination device context whereas Wine's GDI+ (written summer 2007 by Evan Stade) passes calls through to their gdi32 equivalents. The latter approach has better performance and shorter development time, but sacrifices control over finer details.

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  • Jose Roca's GDI+ documentation is an invaluable resource and much easier to use than MSDN.

  • The Mono project's GDI+ uses Cairo as a backend. Looking at their code can sometimes be better documentation than anything else on the web, although the details (like parameter checking) don't always precisely conform to Windows.

  • DLLTodoList

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