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Wine enables Linux, Mac, BSD, and Solaris users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows. Wine is free software under constant development. Other platforms may benefit as well.

* Frequently Asked Questions: If you're having a general problem with Wine, please read the FAQ!
* Wine documentation: If the FAQ didn't help, try reading the manual! :)
* The Wine Application Database: For help with a particular app, look up its entry in the AppDB.
* Wine Users support forum: For asking questions that you can't find an answer to in the above.
* Known Issues: Check here before you report a bug.
* winetricks: A useful tool for using common workarounds to current deficiencies in Wine.
* MacOSX: Running Wine on Apple OS X.
* Wine Release Plan: Explains how and when 1.2 will be released.
* Developers: If you want to help with Wine or build it from source.

About the Wine project

More information

* Why Wine is so important.
* Debunking Wine Myths: Common myths about Wine.
* Wine's History: History of the Wine project.
* Organization and Leadership: How the Wine project is organized.
* Licensing: Information about Wine's license.

* This wiki currently has 748 pages of content.
* Wine Features: A list of specific features we've implemented.
* website usage statistics.
* Bugzilla and AppDB dumps, source tarballs, random other stuff.

Other useful links

* Index of all pages in this Wiki.
* List of Commands: From uninstaller to regedit, all the little tools that come with Wine.
* Third Party Applications: "Unofficial" tools that might make Wine more useful.
* Useful registry keys: Various Wine Registry settings.
* Download links: If you're trying to find where to download certain applications for use with Wine.
* Adobe Applications: Notes about running Adobe applications like Photoshop.
* Apps That Support Wine: Applications which officially test against Wine as a platform.
* WineHQ News RSS Feed.
* WWN (World Wine News): Back issues. All the News that Fits, we print.
* Wine Development Fund: Please consider making a donation to support the Wine project.


Mailing list archives

* Português
* Deutsch
* Spanish
* Polski

* wine-devel
* wine-patches
* wine-cvs
* wine-bugs

Browse source code

* Wine, AppDB, website, etc source code (GitWeb)
* Wiki source code

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