This page is about Cygwin running on Wine. For Wine running on Cygwin, see WineOnWindows.

Cygwin running on Wine

Current bug reports mentioning cygwin:

Cygwin allows for source-level portability of POSIX program on Windows. As such, it must emulate the POSIX semantics on top of the Win32 API, providing for a good test case of any Win32 implementation. This task is tracked as Bug #443.

Like any such emulation, this is likely to push the Win32 API to its limits. It will not be easy to get the entire Cygwin suite running on top of Wine, but we do have the Cygwin sources which may help us understand more readily what the problems are.

For Wine, the upside would be:

  • a very good test suite
  • a much more solid implementation of the fundamental Win32 APIs

Cygwin executables must be run from a windows console rather than a unix terminal. As such, the correct way to start the cygwin environment is by launching cygwin.bat which spawns the cygwin shell.


Around 1.0, DanKegel reported: "Hey! Cygwin actually installs and runs inside Wine! There are a few problems (gcc can't compile "hello, world" yet, symlinks like the one for vi don't work yet, the setup utility doesn't resize properly, and mkpasswd -l aborts), but the shell starts up fine and vim runs inside it!"

The fork.c example ran without problems as of last testing (Wine 1.1.8).

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