Common Controls

The common controls include both comctl32.dll and riched20.dll. This page contains information about both of them. For a list of to-dos related to these DLLs, see DLLTodoList.


Open Bugs in component comctl32

The MS Control Spy test application is another great way to look for problems: Bug 239: Test Wine with the Common Control Spy Samples

There is also a separate page with more details about HeaderControl.


Rebar is a layout control in comctl32.dll, but it's big and hairy.

Open bugs in component comctl32 with a reference to Rebar

The MS Control Spy test application can also ferret out rebar-specific bugs: Bug 239 Control Spy tool: Rebar.exe

Rebar reference on MSDN


Richedit is in its own dll, but is considered part of the common controls. While the info on his userpage may be out of date, MatthewFinnicum is a good person to ask about what remains to be done.

Open bugs in component wine-richedit

Riched20 reference on MSDN

If need be, native riched20 can also be installed with winetricks.

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