Developers of CrossOver Office product line. Employs AlexandreJulliard, a bunch of Wine developers, and provides products and services to help companies use Windows software on Linux. This not only includes making applications run for customers, but it also includes helping customers port their applications to Linux with Wine.

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CodeWeavers employs many Wine developers, including ....

  • AlexandreJulliard - CTO and Wine maintainer.

  • AricStewart - a home grown hacker! Works on all sorts, these days mostly MSI with Mike M

  • DmitryTimoshkov - from his home in Siberia Dmitry works on the low level windowing and international support code

  • FrancoisGouget - Francois does a lot of work on the menu integration, as well as sound driver work and French localisation

  • HuwDavies - Huw works on anything, but specialises in printing, DIB and font support

  • JacekCaban - Jacek is getting the MozillaIntegration to get MsHtml and shdocvw working

  • JeremyWhite - Jeremy works with Francois on menus and sound drivers, as well as scheduling issues in Wine.

  • KenThomases - Ken is working on Mac stuff

  • MikeHearn - Student, Wine Hacker, Rabble Rouser, all around trouble maker ...

  • RobShearman - one day he magically appeared and decided to cut his teeth by implementing the RPC format string interpreter. Needless to say, we hired him!

  • StevenEdwards - Steven originally came from the ReactOS project and works on keeping the projects together, as well as writing various other patches

  • UlrichCzekalla - Ulrich originally worked at Corel when they were involved in Wine, these days he leads our consulting and services effort

We also employ many other fine folks, that help Wine in a variety of ways ....

  • AndrewBogott - project lead on CrossOver products

  • JeremyNewman - ninja web developer, he writes our websites, maintains WineHQ, and runs our networks. If it's got "network" in the name, he can do it.

  • JeremyWhite - CEO. Founded the company and was responsible for its re-orientation around the Wine project. Not allowed near the production server, for fear of accidental 'ifconfig eth0 down' commands.

  • JonParshall - COO. He keeps the business a well oiled machine. He also writes history books, and he has been on the History Channel.

  • MichalOkresa - chief CxTest engineer.

  • JozefStefanka - developer of the CxTest web front-end.

  • PeterNociar - miscellaneous tasks for CxTest, including test writing, fixing and others.

  • MandiGagne - our chief non-geek, she does our accounts and keeps us developers in line!

  • MartinPilka - does a lot of cxtest, and many many odd jobs throughout the years

  • StevenEdwards - doubling up as a Wine developer, Steven's official role at CodeWeavers is working with Zak on the support system

Also see CxTest


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