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wine-launcher is a python reimplementation of winecfg for console use.

Its supporting Python library and Gtk Configuration utility is at use in the Wine Ubuntu group's work.

It supports the following arguments:


define the location of the .wine directory to operate on


define the bottle to operate on


create a new bottle called BOTTLENAME


delete the bottle called BOTTLENAME

-u PROGRAM, --uninstall=PROGRAM

launch the uninstaller for PROGRAM

-l, --list-uninstall

list applications that can be removed


list applications that can be removed outputted as a menu file and the relevant desktop files to /tmp

-v, --windows-version

print or set either the default windows version or the windows version of an executable. 'list' lists the possible winversions.

-m, --drive-map

print the drive mappings or map DRIVELETTER to DIRECTORY, possibly setting LABEL and SERIAL


set the drive type of DRIVELETTER to one of auto|hd|network|cdrom|floppy


remove the drive DRIVELETTER (does not delete the linked dir)

-d, --show-dot-files

set or get whether dot files are shown to programs

-r, --print-registry

print BRANCH or the Windows registry as a Python style, utf-8 formatted dictionary. Doesn't convert HEX and DWORD.


set or get the virtual desktop size of either PROGRAM or the default configuration


set or get whether DirectX applications can grab the mouse


set or get whether the window manager should decorate windows


set or get whether the window manager should manage windows

-a, --audio-drivers

prints or sets the enabled audio driver(s)

-c, --audio-acceleration

prints or sets the level of DirectSound hardware audio acelleration


prints or sets the DirectSound audio sample rate


prints or sets the DirectSound audio bit depth


prints or sets wether DirectSound should emulate a hardware driver


get or set the screen resolution in DPI


enable or disable vertex shader support


enable or disable pixel shader support


report whether or not Wine has been configured for the current user


report whether or not the system supports direct rendering for 3D


set one of "Desktop", "My Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music", "My Videos" to TARGET


prints the target folders for "Desktop", "My Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music" and "My Videos"


prints the Wine libraries available for override


set LIBRARY to either native (DLL file) or builtin (Wine)


get a list of libraries set to use native DLL files


get the internal descriptive name of PROGRAMEXE, or a nicely formatted version of the exe name


list the names of all configured bottles


open a desktop named of size WIDTHxHEIGHT


run EXE through Wine


# Set the executable "explorer.exe" to be run in a simulated Windows NT 3.51 environment
wine-launcher --windows-version explorer.exe nt351

# Set the default Wine configuration to simulate the default Windows environment
wine-launcher --windows-version default

# Set the default Wine configuration to use a virtual desktop of either a previously defined size or the default (800x600)
wine-launcher --virtual-desktop true

# Set the executable "explorer.exe" to be run in a virtual desktop of size 1024x768
wine-launcher --virtual-desktop explorer.exe 1024x768

# Enable the audio driver "oss"
wine-launcher --audio-drivers enable oss

# Print a list of the enabled audio drivers
wine-launcher --audio-drivers

# Print a list of the available audio drivers
wine-launcher --audio-drivers h

Getting it

wine-launcher and its supporting Python library "wine" along with a Gtk Configuration utility that fully replaces and augments winecfg is a available at LaunchPad at .

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