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Running Adobe Photoshop on Wine

Photoshop 5 through CS2 and CS4 install and work pretty well on wine. Photoshop CS3 has some issues but most things work.

Here are some tips you'll need to run Photoshop successfully:

  • You shouldn't have to copy Photoshop from Windows; just install it under Wine by running its Setup.exe. (To run a .exe under wine, you have to doubleclick it, right click and choose "Run with Wine", or run it from the commandline using the 'wine' command, depending on how your Linux distribution integrates Wine.)
  • Never use a cracked version of Photoshop (this isn't a moralizing thing: the cracks themselves don't work reliably in Wine).
  • Never run Wine as root.
  • Use a recent version of Wine (1.1.6 or later).
  • When installing Photoshop CS2 trial, be sure to enter your name and organization. If you don't, Photoshop's installer gives a confusing error dialog.
  • Before installing Photoshop CS or CS2, do wget; sh winetricks corefonts vcrun6

    • if the above line produces the error 'cabextract: command not found' type in sudo apt-get install cabextract (Ubuntu/Debian), run, and run the above line again

  • Before installing Photoshop CS3, do wget; sh winetricks gecko gdiplus (or follow these instructions).

  • When installing Photoshop CS4, follow these instructions.

  • The Clone tool uses the ALT key in a way that conflicts with many window managers. Here's how to fix that:
    • Ubuntu or Fedora: Go to System → Preferences → Windows, and under Movement Key, pick "Super" instead of "Alt".
    • Kubuntu: Go to the K Menu → System Settings → Look and Feel → Windows, and under Movement Key, pick "Super" instead of "Alt".
    • Suse with GNOME: Go to Computer → Control Center → Look and Feel → Windows, and under Movement Key, pick "Super" instead of "Alt".
    • Suse with KDE: Go to the Gecko menu → Favorites → Configure Desktop → Desktop → Window behavior → Window Actions → "Inner Window, Titlebar & Frame", and pick "Meta" instead of "Alt".

  • If you have a keyboard with the AltGr key (not many US keyboards have this): duplicating Marquee selections with AltGr+Arrows didn't work, you have to use Ctrl+Alt+Arrows instead

  • compiz plugins might also steal important keystrokes (Ctrl+Arrows, Shift+Arrows, Shift+Ctrl+Arrows, Ctrl+Alt+Arrows) used by Photoshop for moving, cuting und duplicating Marquee selections. For instance, see RotateCube. You might need to disable Compiz or those plugins to use Photoshop properly.

  • Some UI elements might use a too-small font. In CS2, you can fix this with Edit / Preferences / General, and change UI Font Size from Small to Medium.

Please report any problems you run into. (You can report them to the forum, to the appdb, to bugzilla, or even on your own blog; we're listening everywhere.)

Known Issues

With wine-0.9.58, Photoshop CS2 works really well, so don't be scared by this list of issues!

With wine-1.1.6, Photoshop CS3 is just starting to work, and is slow (and may lose its license as a result).

Here is a partial list of issues:

CS4 installation:

CS3 basic functionality:

CS2 basic functionality:



Multi-monitor support:

  • 12599 Photoshop CS2 image windows don't paint fully if you have two monitors with unequal resolutions


Photoshop Elements:

  • Photoshop Elements 4 and 5 won't work unless you install Microsoft's ODBC (e.g. using winetricks mdac28). One user recommends doing 'wget; sh winetricks fakeie6 mdac28 jet40' before installing.

  • Photoshop Elements 6 currently doesn't work because the installer doesn't create manifests for MSVCRT assemblies.

See's list of photoshop bugs


Direct download links for CS5:

Adobe mentions of Wine and Photoshop:

Where to download Adobe Photoshop trials (let's be very conservative -- only or trusted US download sites):

Pages with tips on running Photoshop on Wine (most of which will need radical simplification once Photoshop works easily on Wine):

Automating Photoshop (might be useful for regression tests):

Free Alternatives

  • Gimp, Gimpshop, Cinepaint, Krita
  • There is also a non-free Linux alternative, called Pixel.


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